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iPhone - Android XLR micrphone and XLR headphone/Output adapter - 3.5mm TRRS Male to XLR Male Audio Output and XLR Microphone Input
iPhone  XLR micrphone and XLR headphone/Output adapter - 3.5mm TRRS Male to XLR Male Audio Output and XLR Microphone Input

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Product Code:: KM-IPHONE-XX

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Product Description
Product Code: KM-IPHONE-XX


This adapter allows you to connect a standard microphone with a 3-pin XLR connector to the iPhone/iPad/iPod or other compatible device for quality recording. This adapter incorporates passive components which provide DC blocking/isolation between the microphone input for device protection, as well as, impedance matching components for allowing a wide variety of microphones and instruments to be used with the device. This adapter works with Dynamic microphones, wireless microphones and battery powered condenser microphones. This adapter will not work with microphones that require phantom power, unless you connect a phantom power supply inline with the microphone.

This adapter also includes a 3-Pin XLR male headphone jack or line-level audio output which allows you to connect to audio equipment with unbalanced XLR line level inputs .

Types of microphones that work with this adapter:
  • Dynamic Microphones
  • Battery Powered Condenser microphones
  • Battery Powered Lavaliere Microphones
  • Wireless Microphone systems
  • Condenser microphones (when an external phantom power supply is used)
  • Time code equipment
Types of equipment that will NOT work with this adapter:
  • Line-Level outputs, like headphone jacks (Use KM-IPHONE-XTRS-A22 for line-level)
  • Lavaliere microphones (without batteries)
  • Condenser microphones (without Batteries, unless a phantom power supply is used)
How it Works:
Plug the adapter into the iPhone (or other device) headset jack and then plug your microphone into the adapter. The iPhone will recognize that an external mic is connected and turn its internal mic off allowing you to record using the external microphone. This adapter works with all audio/video recording apps and other functions just as the internal mic would.

Plug standard headphones into the headphone jack to listen to recordings or output the audio to other audio equipment. The headphone jack normally works for listening to recorded audio/video only and not to monitor the microphone input while recording, unless you use a recording app that has a microphone monitoring feature.

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Product FAQs:

Q: Will this adapter work with a stereo mic ?
A: The combined headset jack on the iPhone and other devices only has a mono mic input so you cannot record in stereo. Most recording apps split the mono signal into both left/right channels when recording so the audio will play back in both ears. There is a new stereo microphone product available which will allow for stereo recording using the docking connector; this is currently the only option available for stereo recording, Tascam IM2 stereo mic.

Q: Why is an external phantom power supply required for condenser mics that do not have batteries?
A: All condenser microphones require power to operate. Some condenser mics supply that power from batteries and some require phantom power from the device they are plugged into. Since the iPhone cannot supply the required phantom power, a portable phantom power supply must be used for these types of microphones.

Q: Can I connect a microphone with a different style connector if I use an adapter?
A: Yes, You can use adapters to connect microphones with 3.5mm or 1/4 inch connectors.

Compatibility List:

  • iPhone/iPad/iPod - all versions (Version 7 and newer require the use of a lightning to 3.5mm adapter)
  • Android Phones and devices
  • Samsung Galaxy phones and Cameras
Compatible with most mobile devices that use the combined 3.5mm headphone/mic connection.

Q; How do I know if this adapter will work with my phone or device?

A; Due to the massive number of new phones, versions and devices being released we are not able to test the adapter with all devices; however, if your device works with an iPhone headset (headphones and microphone) then this adapter will also work on your device.

  • Test your phone/device with a iPhone headset (perhaps try it with a friends iPhone headset)


  • Look up a new headset for your phone/device and check the compatibility list to see if it is also compatible with iPhone.

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