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30 Foot kVc Studio Gold XLR Female to 1/4 inch Mono Cable
30 Foot kVc Studio Gold XLR Female to 1/4 inch Mono Cable

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30 Foot kVc Studio Gold XLR Female to 1/4 inch Mono Cable

Neutrik NC3FXX-B
Neutrik NP2X-B
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Canare L-4E6S
Guaranty RoHS Compliant

Our kVc professional studio quality cables provide a clean and accurate sound, eliminating noise and interference that compromise performance. Exclusive KVconnection Cables are designed for use with Headphones, mixers, effects pedals and all outboard signal processing gear. Special Quad conductor configuration plus high shield density reduce hum and noise. Special construction also reduces handling noise while maintaining excellent flexibility. High density braided shield blocks electrostatic noise to eliminate annoying hum, buzz and radio interference.
Our cables are hand made in our in-house cable shop using only premium grade materials and technology to give you the best possible studio grade performance. We hand solder all of the connections to ensure tight and noise free signals. Our cables are constructed with lead free solder and components that meet RoHS standards.
We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the stellar performance, workmanship, quality or any other aspect of this cable you may return it for a full refund.

10 Cable Color Options!
Available colors: Black, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, White, Grey, Brown and Yellow
Be sure you specify your cable choice if you would like a color other than Black.

Why do professional musicians and recording studios prefer our cables?

10 Cable Color Options! A large color selection aids in cable identification and decor coordination.
Available colors: Black, Brown, Grey, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow & White.
Be sure you specify your cable choice if you would like a color other than Black.

Why do professional musicians and recording studios prefer our cables?

Professional Quality begins with Premium Cable!

Canare  Canare L-4E6S Quad Star Microphone Cable

The premier Star Quad cable for all handheld microphone applications. Flexible, satin smooth to the touch and extra strong, this standard diameter, 21 AWG cable fits perfectly in all XLR-type audio connectors. Forty separate strands in each conductor eliminate breakage due to flexing. Available in 10 beautiful matte finish color jackets.

The Quad Star Story
Canare Star Quad obtains its name from the 4-conductor style construction that minimizes the “loop area” between twists of the conductors. This “double balanced” pairing, reduces susceptibility to electromagnetically induced noise. The improvement in noise rejection is so noticeable that even SCR dimmer noise (stage lighting consoles) is reduced to less than 1/10 the level found in other 2-conductor microphone cables. Canare Star Quad is designed for use with microphones but is also excellent for all line-level signals (e.g. mixer to power amps). The 4-conductor Star Quad arrangement cancels electromagnetically induced noise from SCR dimmer packs, fluorescent lighting ballasts and AC power transformers. Handling noise is prevented by use of cotton filler material. Excellent frequency response is maintained due to special irradiated polyethylene insulation which provides a low capacitance dielectric. Canare Star Quad cable is super flexible. We use large numbers of thin wire strands in the copper conductors and overall braided shield. We extrude a special compound PVC outer jacket that remains pliant at extremely low temperatures with no wait between cold shipping and installation.

Canare L-4E6S Features Superior Shielded 4 Conductors Stellar Performance
  • Braided Copper Shield
  • Flexible in Extreme Cold Weather
  • Cross Linked PE Insulation
  • Reduced Handling Noise
  • Rejects EMI and RFI
  • 10 Matte Color Jacket Selections

 Canare L-4E6S Cable

 Canare L-4E6S Frequency Response

Premium Interconnects - An Absolute Must!

Neutrik Logo  Neutrik NC3FXX-B - 3 pole female cable connector with black metal housing and gold contacts
The next generation of the worldwide accepted standard of XLR cable connectors. The successor of the X series offers several new features which make it more reliable, easier to assemble and improves contact integrity as well cable strain relief.
Neutrik NC3FXX-B
  • Unique cage design of female contact for low contact resistance and high integrity
  • Female contact incorporates a solder barrier to prevent solder running into the contact mating area
  • Female connector with improved solid metal latch which is larger and easier to handle
  • Additional ground spring contacts for better shell ground continuity
  • Improved chuck type strain relief provides higher pull-out force and makes assembly easier and faster
Neutrik Logo  Neutrik NP2X-B - 2 pole 1/4" professional phone plug, gold contacts, black shell
The heavy duty professional phone plug series improves on the design of the existing C series by offering the thinnest available A-gauge 1/4" plug with unique Neutrik chuck type strain relief on the market. The slimline shell with a width of 14.5 mm meets the most recent requirements for highest density jackfields (15.88mm jack pitch). The precise machined one-piece tip contact without rivets makes it unique and avoids hook up in a socket or break off the tip. The Plug X Series serves all applications such as guitar applications, audio cables, snakes, speakers, amplifiers and mixing desks.
Neutrik NP2X-B
Neutrik NP2X-B
  • Extra slim 1/4" plug for highest packing density
  • Robust diecast shell in stylish design
  • Improved chuck type strain relief for reliable cable retention
  • Sleek design for best handling convenience
  • Precision machined one-piece contacts - avoid hook up of tip contact

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